Boyfriend is pulling away

Shanon Walsh asked 2 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 months but \”talking\” for 5 total. We don\’t really see each other often because he is a single father of 2 boys so I definitely know I don\’t over-crowd him. We basically have a relationship through texting, getting to see each other once a week if we are lucky. I have been getting a bit \”mushy\” these last few weeks because I haven\’t seen him in a month now. I am hoping that isn\’t part of the reason he has stopped talking to me. On Thursday afternoon he sent me a heart text message and then I did not hear from him until Friday morning saying that he is sorry he was on the phone with his family most of the night and has a lot of crap going on. I have not heard from him since then and it is now Monday night. I did send him a text on Saturday which said that I was thinking of him, hoping everything was OK with him and his family and to let me know if he needed anything. I have heard nothing. He is basically ghosting me. What should I do?? I am so lost.
Thank you!!