Best friends

Tammy Salazar asked 3 years ago

Well guy im seeing.. we known each other for 21yrs.. been in relationship for 3yrs.. we both care 4each other deeply.. he wanted me 2walk away twice already those times i ask2 come bk.. 3td time he wanted me 2walk aways he called me back.. he says he not sure whts happening 2him but somethng has changed n relationship..whn i go home 2my house 2stay over night he calls and says jus come bk 2his…we are very open with each other.. he says i love you.. but he says also hes tryn 2figure out if hes in love with me.. he makes comments as like whn we get married…or fiance or boyfriend.. etc.. whn i say i need 2go home and thnk bout thngs he always says r u breaking up with me..we r not boyfriend girlfriend we are jus best friends.. so plz tell me whts wrong with this man

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Wow! This sounds confusing! Very, VERY confusing. I feel for you both!
So, you are best friends who have sex???? If this is the case, stop having sex with him immediately!!! This will help both of you get clear.
I will wait for denial or confirmation from you before I dive any deeper.
Please TRUST ME on this one! STOP HAVING SEX (no penetration of any kind) WITH HIM IMMEDIATELY!!
You have my full support and love,