Been getting confused

Alyx asked 2 years ago

I’m wondering about a couple of things, one if I’m doing enough with backing off? I’ve been backing of a little recently but we are in the same club, sit right next to each other in jazz band and on the same very small campus so we see each other just about every day. I am not usually initiating the conversation first unless I have a question about something in the club (he’s the secretary of this club so I have to ask him). In jazz band I don’t talk to him until he talks first and I don’t usually say much after that anyway.
Next, I’m wondering why he’s going hot and cold with me? For example, we went on a climbing club trip with a few other people a couple of days ago. He would be encouraging me, helping me by pointing out holds, and a little while later he brought me to the other side of the boulder (where no one else was at first) and showed me a route I could probably do and was encouraging me there. Someone else came to try that route (it was harder than it looked), so I stepped back and Will stood right behind me (he could of stand somewhere else). Later at a different climbing spot he offered me to use one of his crash pads to do my own route and didn’t really talk much to me (although sometimes I went off on my own). We had to clean up the area and there was a shelter made of tree branches and I could hear him the most saying to me to watch out with the shelter falling. Throughout the whole trip I could hear him encouraging me the most, other people where also encouraging me but I heard Will the most. 
Am I backing off enough as much as I can on a small campus? Why is he running hot and cold with me lately? The example above was just one time he did, normally he’s been hot one day, or two, and cold the next day, or two. I’ve just been getting confused and I’ve been backing off as much as I can.