Asking for something in return (sexual)

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Tilden Forrer asked 9 months ago

Okay so stay with me. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a little while and it’s a very sexual relationship. Every time I’m with her i always make her orgasm by fingering her, eating her out, but no intercourse. And i completely respect her decision. However while every I see her i please her and make her orgasm by feeling her and fingering her etc. I rarely ask for anything in return. However she has yet to make me orgasm. She always makes jokes about it but the second I subtly say something she turns it down. The other day after I made her cum, I said “baby I’m horny” and she said “and I care why?”. How I bring it up to her that I want something? I don’t even care if it’s as simple as a hand job or something. Please help with this.