Am I being played?

Unknown asked 2 years ago

Please help!
I met this guy on a online dating site. We have been talking for 4 months and have met once…we live 4.5hrs apart. When we text it is him that initiates contacts first. We talked almost every day up until the last month it is really hit n miss. He always answers me when I text first. He says he likes me and wants to see me again…a matter of fact hes told me the a few times. I made it quite clear what I was looking for and that if we werent on the same page we should go our separate ways. He still said he wanted me. He has also called me lover a few times but when I ask him what we are he avoides that problem. Problem is every time I suggest getting together it seems like he always has an excuse or it backfires. He still goes on the site I met him on only reason I know is because I go on once in a blue moon. He tells me he hasnt been with anyone else since we met…and for whatever reason I somehow believe him. But on the hand I feel like he is playing me, stringing me along. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas or if I should just move on.
Unknown 🙂