Age difference

Cailin asked 3 years ago

Hi Matt
Really enjoying your vids.  Just wondering what your take us on older women daring younger guys? (10yr diff)  Does it really bother men? Met a guy who’s a good bit younger but he seems to be really fine with it & says hes really ‘into ‘me & I’m best thing that’s ever happened to him.  Should I keep with him or finish it? We get on fantastically in many ways…he’s a great guy & I’m mad about him.

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hi! This is Tabitha!
From a female perspective, I say No, thank you to younger guys. There is really only one reason that a younger man is good for an older women- under cover lover! Lol
Generally, males mature slower than females so go older when picking! 5-10 years older is best, but don’t go lower than your own age.
Women will begin to Mother these men and these guys choose older women who will Mother them, I.e.; sugar mamas. 
Check in with yourself and see if you are taking care of him in anyway, financiAlly, physically, emotionally, etc. If you are overgiving to him then you may be fulfilling a Mother/son type dynamic. Watch out for these as both people may deeply resent this type of arrangement.
Go more for a lover versus a child!