Jana asked 3 years ago

How do you know if affair is really over

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

His affair? Your affair?
Either way, an affair is super hard on everybody and I feel for you.
If your man cheated on you, and the two of you are going to work through this, then the only thing you can do is offer trust to him. You have to trust him completely and let it go. You may need some personal professional counseling, yet I know people can make it work again!
Ultimately none of us have control over another, yet looking at your contribution to the issue may help you to keep your side of the street clean and avoid blame. While I do not condone affairs, I do know that people cheat because something is missing in their marriage. Males will cheat to feel more manly, the need to take risks, their lack of purpose, not feeling respected or appreciated, or as a way of hurting his wife if she emasculated him.
I feel for you here. One word.
It must be offered again.