3yrs dating, no proposal

Katie asked 2 years ago

My boyfriend & I met 2 weeks before the military moved me across the country. We’ve flown to see each other at least one long weekend a month for over 3 years now while we both worked on our careers and have spent 2 weeks together every Winter. We also talk A LOT; our record is over 5 hours on the phone. I have the option to take a new assignment or leave the military this Fall. I told him I’d be willing to pursue civilian career goals & move to his city if we got engaged. He isn’t sure yet that he wants to get married; he wants to “do life together” in the same city first. He is willing to move to my next assignment but feels kind of forced into it. He definitely wants more time to decide on marriage and maybe even more time long distance for us to get into a “good place” before he uproots. We’re not in a “good place”, because I’m upset that he’s not sure about us yet. He’s upset, because I “make it seem like his feelings are invalid”. I just think he should know by now if he wants to get married, and I openly express that. Am I wrong? For reference, I’m 26 & he is 33.