6 Signs That You’re Meant to Be Together

If you’re struggling with the question of whether you’re with the right man or not, you’re not alone…

Knowing whether you’re with “the one” for you and forsaking all others is a big decision that many women wrestle with.

The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in a marriage where you’re both unhappy. You’re better off not getting married at all than committing yourself to a horrible relationship.

I don’t believe in fairytale romance but I do believe that are 6 signs that will tell you whether you’re with the right man or not.

Here they are…

1. You respect him from the heart.

Lust is temporary. Being “in love” can come and go in a relationship. But when you truly respect a man’s character, his morals, his values, and his attributes, know that you have found someone truly special.

In fact, if you leave such a man behind and settle for someone who is significantly less moral, less caring and less heroic, it will always leave a hole in your heart. Good men ARE hard to find and if you know in your heart that his qualities make you feel good, and make you a better person, then this is a very good sign that you’ve met the right one.

2. You both like to laugh together.

Looks come and go but laughter goes a lifetime. Having a compatible sense of humor will help you survive tough trials, bond closer together, and enjoy each other’s company day by day.

You’ll not only entertain each other, but laugh at the same things.

In fact, studies seem to show that couples that can laughter together will usually last for the long run.

An article from Scientific American concluded that laughter means everything in a relationship, from flirtation in the beginning to long-term survival into marriage.

3. He has a positive effect on you – you are a better person when he’s in your life.

Whereas lust and “second-hand relationships” will always be characterized by misery and suffering, your partner just seems to make you happier day by day!

Maybe you don’t feel the LUST for him that you would feel for Brad Pitt (are we still using this guy as a sex symbol? He’s 53 years old now, come on!), but there may be other qualities about him that make you feel secure, more confident, more at peace with the world, and more exuberant in daily life—especially when you interact with him. When you meet the right one you know, and everyone knows, because you shine with positivity. It’s a contagious feeling of inner peace and something that continues through the years, growing stronger.

4. You know each other better than anyone else does.

Granted, this sign might not be as important as the other ones (positive effect, BETTER than knowing someone inside and out).

But it is still a must for a long-term relationship. Soul mates know each other fully, they understand how the other person thinks, and what they are feeling moment to moment.

Do you share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with each other? Do you tell each other things you’ve never told anyone else?

If so, there’s a good chance he’s a keeper for life.

5. You can talk disagreements out like mature adults!

Bad relationships are characterized by an inability to discuss things honestly, or without the argument escalating into madcap insanity.

When you’re actually with the right one, you may find that you disagree about many things…but that you can live with your partner’s viewpoint.

You can agree to disagree but the respect you have for your partner doesn’t diminish. He doesn’t belittle you or insist upon winning the argument.

He knows when to back away, as you do, until tempers calm down. Any differences in opinion can be tolerated and any disagreement can be worked out, negotiated, and finalized with love and respect.

6. You’re EMOTIONALLY attracted to him.

Not only does lust and physical attraction come and go but you can have these types of feelings for a lot of people.

And if your relationship is just based on a surface level of attraction, that same surface level of attraction for someone else could completely derail or outright destroy your relationship.

Emotional attraction is much more rare though… you’re attracted to everything about him, the way he thinks, the way he treats you, and the way he makes you feel good about yourself and your life.

That’s the kind of attraction that your relationship won’t survive without.

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