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I purchased several texts and can’t get access to any of it. Please help and tell me where to access my 3 purchases. I click the link on my receipt that says access purchases and it says the URL has expired!
Hey all, so still trying to figure out how all this works and where I can find my uploaded books?? Maybe I'm being a bit blonde... 🤔 Lol
Angry finance
Mad because I can't pay large amt of "duty" fees on large amt of money he sent via courier from UK. Want accept fact I don't have the cash. I should do anything to get his package.I wasn't told I had to pay anything. Says I have ruined him financially . Getting nasty mean text now.
Sounds like a careful
He was lovely on the beggining, now he just seems to be far away - barely talk to me and yes I slept with him already.
When I asked question What he really looking for in our relationship ,he keep unserwing that I'm negative with my talks ...

I understand that
He is just not intrested anymore .
Why then he was nice so nice on the beggining?
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This isnt happening only to or for you. It doesnt either mean that there is something wrong with you. Maybe he just doesnt know what he wants? Men are usually very interested in talking in the beginning. Later on they start thinking that the woman has expectations on where this is going. If they themselves are not interested in a relationship they sometimed stop writing.
Currently in a realationship overwhelmed with the differences getting along with ex believing in his promises again mad because I allow realationship to happen but unwanted distraction from my goals what kind of direction could anyone assist me
Currently dating but it's going nowhere. Too many red flags. I can't bring myself to let him go until I meet someone new. I was alone for years before him. I can't stand the idea of being alone again.
Current status is single but being chased by multiple men. I’ve been single for over 5 years after being discarded by a covert abusive ****. I’m not sure if I want to date. Hell I don’t even want a fwb. I’m struggling with being part of any relationship even though I’m lonely and wanting
I'm currently separated, and my husband won't leave me alone about hurrying up and coming back home. I'm not ready yet...