Why You Should WAIT to Have Sex With Men (The Investment Principle)

I had a woman leave a comment on one of my videos a few weeks ago saying how much she enjoys what I teach and how one little thing changed everything for her.

One thing switched everything and made it so that she went from having guys pull away and disappear after the first couple of dates to her having an abundance of men who want real relationships with her.

What was this one little thing?

She stopped sleeping with men on the first few dates.

Yep, that was it! She couldn't believe that made such a big difference.

But it DOES make a HUGE difference.


Very simple... whether you are a man or woman...

We all value things more highly that we work for and earn.

It's as simple as that. The more energy, effort, time, money, emotions, attention that we put into something, the more that we value it.

This concept is something I call, The Investment Principle.

I was talking to some guy friends about this awhile back... guys who are the player types.

And we concluded that all of the women that they got into relationships with were women who they put a lot of effort into BEFORE they had sex with them.

It can make a guy who feels like he's on the fence about whether you're someone he just wants to hook up with or someone he wants a real relationship with... decide that he wants something real.

If you want a man to value you...

If you want him to feel like you're girlfriend, relationship, or wife material...

You should WAIT to have sex with him. You should let him do things for you... you should make it a requirement that he proves himself to you before you do it.

Before sex, women have the most power in any romantic interaction with a man unless she gives her power away.

Women are the gatekeepers (generally speaking) to sex. Women decide whether it can or will ever happen.

Sure, the man has to be interested... but that's the first thing he's interested in.

After sex and before commitment, the MAN has the most power.

Men are the gatekeepers (generally speaking) of committed relationships.

Power is simply your ability to get what it is that you want in any situation.

And then after commitment, women regain a LOT of their power over things...

Why? Because most women still have guys who will approach them, flirt with them, hit on them, want to take them out, regardless of how long they're in a relationship.

If a man stops pursuing women, his ability to get a new woman quickly diminishes. Meeting women and getting into a relationship is a skill that you lose over time if you don't use it often, as a man.

That's why you're in the best position to get what you want if wait to have sex and make a relationship a requirement to having sex.
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