What now?


Newbie Queen
Jan 9, 2022
Long story short, I left my abusive husband 2yrs ago, after 6yrs of mental/emotional/physical abuse. I did not heal from it, I just kept pushing through. Met an amazing man in Jun long distance. We met in July, he flew to me. He was 100% interested and so was I. I let my insecurities get the best of me along with a drinking problem. Pushed him away, etc for the past 3 months. Did some messed up stuff bc I was messed up. I started therapy in Dec. He says he's there for me and still has hope for us. But, only texts me once a day or none. Hes short, won't really talk to me. Says he tried that and I shut him down, so he doesn't feel comfortable opening back up until we have "normal" for a while. I continue to work on myself but, I'm not sure what he wants me to do to "fix" this since I'm the one who damaged our relationship. There were red flags with him also...discussing moving to me, marriage, kids, etc after 2 months. He ask me to be his gf after after few weeks. Things were amazing, until I had a mental breakdown and pushed him away. My question is, what should I do? Lean back? Break up? I am anxiously avoidant. So, I did do push and pull with him. I feel awful about the things I've done, I was not in a good mental space.