What is Ghosting?

I get a lot of women who ask what this term means and there are a lot of women in the community who use this term the wrong way.

You've been dating a guy for a while, everything seems to be going great and then, all of a sudden, he disappears on you...

He doesn't answer texts... you think maybe he was in an accident or worse because, why would he stop talking? You thought things were going great!

Ghosting is the act of disappearing and never talking to someone again.

They ignore your messages, calls, and any attempts to talk to them again.

They just disappear... that's why it's called ghosting... because they're gone, poof, dead to you.

But there are a lot of women who get this wrong... they think ghosting is when a guy doesn't talk to them for a day or two or four or even a week.

That's not ghosting.

If he disappears for a few days and comes back, it's just pulling away (unless we get a better term for it).

If he disappears for weeks or months and then comes back, he's what we call a "zombie"... because, he died and came back to life, get it? Hehe

Also, if you haven't ever met a guy before, you shouldn't call it ghosting. If you've been chatting online and he stops talking to you, that's pretty normal behavior in our culture with everyone.

Actually, ghosting is pretty normal behavior these days, unfortunately.

They've done studies on this (because the relationship research nerds out there need to study everything) and they've found that WOMEN are actually 150% more likely to ghost a man than a man is to ghost a woman.

When I first started dating, I had been ghosted by so many women that I didn't even realize that it wasn't normal behavior... I thought that's what everyone does... ghost each other when they don't like you anymore!

It wasn't until I came over and started teaching on the women's dating side that I even realized it was a problem that a lot of people experienced.

On the men's dating side, if a woman ghosts you, you just chalk it up to "I did something that turned her off, pushed her away, and made her lose interest" and then you work on being better.

On the women's dating side, everyone is like, "He's a coward!" when a guy ghosts a woman. It's kind of interesting the difference in culture in the men and women's dating industry.

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