Should we post pics when we’re on a date?


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Dec 29, 2021
My ex broke up with me 2 weeks before Christmas. We we’re together for 19 months lived together for 13 months. I became insecure due to his online activity with younger women which he denies. He left said he needed his own place. We broke up as it felt to me like a backward step we were going to get married etc. He said I’m not that person. We got back together 4 months later, I saw traits again of him nitpicking and putting me down which led to my insecurities in the first place. I called it off as I didn’t want to be in that position again of feeling insecure. He kept reaching out and we got back together 6 weeks later. He then broke up with me just before Christmas but in the 3 weeks we were together he was really mean and kept me at arms lengths. I reconnected with someone that I was speaking to when we first broke up and I’ve been on a few dates with him. New guy is really nice and I’ve posted the fancy restaurants on my WhatsApp story. I’ve been posting since Christmas Eve as I refused to let him ruin my Christmas and had a really good one, most was family stuff. The first time I post my night out with date,ex views my story. Haven’t spoke to him since 14th December in no contact. He left presents for my kids that are not his with the neighbour. Last night I received a message from him at 3am saying “You still posting at this hour” with the man covering his face emoji. It felt to me that he was judging me, when I was actually out and having a good time. I didn’t post my dates face but took pics of me and the food, drinks, restaurant and table but you would think it was a date. I ignored it, I was in bed and he doesn’t deserve a response from me. I left it unread and he has since deleted it. Is posting pics while on dates tacky? Even though I’m just getting on with it? @matthew


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