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    What suggestions do you have for the community?

    Maybe to give you Feedback on your theories. I see you have been working on the texts that's good. What is the primary Goal for the work or your Aim. What would you be happy to Achieve? Or to discuss something happening a Criminal case or something in Society. Either in general or through a...
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    My guy's pulling away !

    I think he should have texted you at least. But seven days doesnt mean its over. But of course you have the right to see other guys at this point if you want. Give it some time or text him your self.
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    Unwanted love

    Oh I understand. But if the brother violate you in anyway or threat you-you better tell your parents or police. Avoid situations that risk to be sexual. Whats your age? Do you visit your boyfriend in jail? 27 years is a long time.
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    This isnt happening only to or for you. It doesnt either mean that there is something wrong with...

    This isnt happening only to or for you. It doesnt either mean that there is something wrong with you. Maybe he just doesnt know what he wants? Men are usually very interested in talking in the beginning. Later on they start thinking that the woman has expectations on where this is going. If they...
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    What are some terms or strategies that you'd like clarity on?

    It is always difficult to recognise that a partner changes. Maybe being angry is his way to show that he no longer wants a relationship. I would suggest that you read more about *********. I get the impression he is mostly interest in himself. And the anger is one technique he uses. At least it...
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    One-itis - Stuck on one guy

    Very wellwritten. It is just difficult to face that he has changed so much. The same thing happened with the guy before. It all together took 6 years of nothing in the end.
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    When a Man Tells You He Doesn't Want a Relationship, Believe Him

    Wellwritten of Matthew. Maybe women tries to keep the hopes up. Especially if you have a past together. And people can change. From the very sweetest boy till something else. He was on the datingsite allmost the whole night. In swedish we diffrentiate between evening and night. Is there any way...
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    How do you know if your chasing or supporting?

    I think you get too little back! Either you can confront him and see what happens or you can just move on. Is he doing anything to keep you?
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    Return of an ex after years of not being together

    It depends how much you two are in touch or what he says. Is he having any other women do you know? Though you two have many memories together it isnt always very easy to start over if you not both work hard for it.
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    So confused.

    There are times when it can be difficult to read a man. You know what he tells you but not what he tells the other women. If he is not strong enough to finish with her it can be that he still likes or loves her. Are they having any children together? Like she says above it may suck to be in this...
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    This question is not a very easy one. It can sometimes be difficult to read a man. He likes you but he also likes his kids. Probably he gets back to you and if not you can get back to him to suggest a date. Do you know if he is till close to the mother of the children? I truelly trusted one guy...
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    Why won't he commit to an actual date in person?

    That can be truelly frustrated. Either he wants to meet or is not yet sure about it so he says he wants to wait. Anyway two guys had this tactic with me. And none of them came seeing me. The first one just diseappared when I had ended up at hospital for my stomach. The second one chatted with me...
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    Unwanted love

    It doesnt seem like a nice family. What are you thinking about the two guys yourself? The guy who is in jail is he still there? No courthearing didnt change the verdict? Did you went to jail to visit the first guy? If you want to leave the family behind you can do that. I think they are not...
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    Stretch marks

    More people than you think have these stretchmarks so it is good not to bother too much about them. But I have had that feeling as well. Anyway most guys will accept you for who you are or not even notice your stretchmarks. But if it is making more safe you of course can talk to him about before...
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    Why does he stay?

    I understand if you like him. But sometimes men react to you being too available. Is he only having a child with one woman or with several? Maybe he has many things on his mind? I am going through something similar with one whom I earlier chatted three years. But he in march admitted to me that...
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    What's the best lesson you've learned about dating?

    I just need to say that I learnt so much from the group and these early discussions not only in general terms. But also private in my own life and in my closest friends relationships. The work Matthew and we are doing is so important! All Matthews chosen topics are always so on point and well...
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    What would you like to get out of this community?

    I love this community and the idea behind it. And nice to see Matthew as always