Commitment Connection Reviews

Here are some reviews of people who have used the Commitment Connection programs…

Hey Matthew,

Thank you so much, your advice is to the point. Really helpful.

Thank you

Caroline Da Rocha.

I love you emails and you are an awesome person who really helps and cares thank you!


This is amazing nd very true, exactly the same what’s happening with me right now.
I have no words to thank you.

Rimpy Sachdeva

Hi matt thank you so very much for this mail you are God sent.you made me realise my biggest mistake and am ready to rectify and see what comes out of it.

Kind regards

Thanks so much for the encouragement and great advice. You are a godsend .
Please keep the advice coming . I greatly appreciate you!!!
Thanks again ,

I just wanted to say Thank you.

Last year I found myself in a very destructive relationship and was so broken and confused.

I turned to your website, at first it all seemed so difficult, trying to be something I wasn’t or actively considering what I said and did. I spent a year single and just kept reading.

I recently reunited with a college years boyfriend, who used to adore me but things never actually went that far. He recently proclaimed that he never knew I liked him and would end up hurt and it would end, time and time again. We would both hurt.

We spent the summer as friends and recently started dating, he is the most wonderful, tentative and supportive man and I could not be any happier. He said things feel ten-times different this time. He smiles and stares at me with glee that I know ‘get him’, it’s as if I have woken up but to a dream rather than from it.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes. No longer will I listen to my friends asking me what he’s bought me or why he’s going on holiday without me and planting seeds of hatred and doubt. I trust and love him and I show him everyday. I want to make him as happy as he makes me.

Hoping this never ends!

Kind regards.

Laura Hogarth

I already purchased your Make Him Want You program a week before I received the offer by email. I am so happy with the program it is worth every penny of the full payment. I sent the following email earlier today…. Dear Matthew, Thank you very much for the very kind offer. I luckily already purchased your amazing copy of Make Him Want You Before I received your email. I am enjoying your book immensely and I am inspired by every word you have wrote. I am delighted to have put your advice into action and am receveing great responses. Because of your programme I have allowed myself to express my truest feelings and I am Receiving the best responses ever in my life! I am regularly referring to your book for guidance. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found your program. I truly admire you, your work and your amazing wisdom. Many thanks and best wishes, Sinéad.

Thank you so much !! I truly adore your videos. I find your videos are honest and relevant to my dating life! I really appreciate your insight!

Changed my life. I thank Matthew so much. His advice and techniques are invaluable. Easy to understand and implement.
– Kim

It gave a new insight in or of the mind of men.
– Sonya

It either brought light to some things I could change or gave me confidence that I am doing other things right.
– Victoria

This program is excellent! The program was very helpful. I learned alot about relationships. this time I will start the relationship off right.
– Rebecca

I have to say you have a very kind hearted energy and I can tell you’re a genuine person and you truly care about helping us ladies 🙂 You’re also cute to look at 😉 Thank you, Matthew!
– Marcella

So much great info I have to listen over and over to get it all. Thanks alot!

How honest Matthew is when he adrasing the issues. His suggestions are spot on. In my current relationship. All his recommendations have worked. It’s a new relationship so now sure yet. But so far it has been positive. I like the pod casts. They add a personal touch Leanne

Its informative and provides good insight in terms of handling relationships

I love how much I learned about how men think and what they are truly looking for. I have been in management for 27 years. A male dominant environment. For 19 of those I was in a stable relationship. For the past 5+ years I have been single and really wanting a relationship. I was the queen of the first date and rarely was I asked out for a second. I longed to know why. The program made it clear, what made me successful in business was ruining my dates. I looked over many of the dates I felt really good about and realized I was putting out masculine energy. I had forgotten how to lean back, how to be a girl. I was so focused on proving I was independent, that I didn’t need a man, that I didn’t show the man there was room in my life. By focusing on these aspects, I have had some great first, second and even third dates. It is still not natural for me, but it is getting easier to transition from work to woman.

I’ve been using it on my guy friends and they are much more attentive. ONE told me he had a dream about me, lol.
– Karin

This program is superb, i am a beginner in it but it helped me to get in touch with myself and i realized that how i have been shutting myself to love. ever since i read the newsletters and watching videos i saw the results of the program content as i started to see men having interest in approaching me for love. i was giving up in my love life but the programme has given me hope that there is still love out there waiting for me to take hold of it. to personally change inside and also my attitude towards love, men and relationships It has made me to realize that i can still fall in love and get the kind of love that i have always being dreaming of if i were to add, i would recommend a face-to-face session and have the service available in a nearby area to where i stay to start investing in myself
it has revived my attitude towards relationships and made me realize that love is possible and i can be happy in a relationship as long as i know the right things to do with my man. i am now positive towards having a relationship that will last

Im a whole new woman because of your program!
– Sonya

I have paid to other online love courses and it was either playing tricks, art of manipulation with hypnotic words and this just feels more realistic, more simple and more easier to understand. Nothing really should be too complicated. This program has helped me open my eyes to the few mistakes I have made.
– Kelli

Hi Matt,

Not sure if you can see this …… You must have tons of emails everyday…..

I just want to say thank you. I bought the programm two days ago, already finished it. Once started I just can’t stop, because what you said is so true, I totally agree to everything. This is exactly what I need.

And I want to thank you for the emails, (although I know they’ve been sent automatically:) ), they mean a lot to me. They make me feel that I’m not alone and being taken care of.

I wish I have a successful story to tell you, but not yet, not in a few days. Still, I can feel things are starting to change, slowly.
Thank you again for the wonderful program~
Talk to you soon.


Hey Helena, I want you to know that I have been listening to your programs all week and I am just absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the information you’ve shared. This all makes SO much sense and I want you to know that you’re worth EVERY penny and then some for this invaluable information! I’ve been using the tools since Sunday on my man and I am telling you – THEY ARE WORKING LIKE A CHARM!!! Your programs absolutely RESCUED me and my self-esteem! ~ Niqui

Hi Helena, I just wanted to send a heartfelt “thank you.” I’ve learned so much about myself and this material has lightened my whole life. My relationship no longer feels like a burden that I have to lug around with me. The more I let go of expectations and stop trying to control the outcome, the more success I’m having in getting EVERYTHING I want from my man. My commitment-phobe, disappear for days or weeks at a time, master of handing out crumbs, rubber-band man is now asking me what he can do to keep ME happy. He has said he “doesn’t know what’s different, something is.” He feels “drawn to me” and “doesn’t want to be with any other woman.” Thanks again!! ~ Amber

Helena’s programs and coaching provided just the support that I needed as I was going through the process of letting go of a relationship that wasn’t working, opening myself up to dating, and eventually meeting and marrying the PERFECT man for me! She gave me the confidence I needed to keep going with this process of breaking old patterns and developing fresh and new ways of approaching relationships. I finally feel relaxed, happy, and just like myself in a loving relationship. I can’t recommend Helena’s programs enough!! ~ Christina

Hello Helena, I just finished listening to your programs. WOW! I can’t tell you enough how very grateful I am for such wonderful information, teachings, and tools. Honestly, I want to listen to them over and over. I’m exploring myself, my energies, my value, my feelings, and doing LESS – I love it! Your programs are THE best gift I could have gotten for myself and my future. I feel things are really shifting for me – I thank you! ~ Sherri

Helena!!! I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! We got married last month! And I feel great and we both couldn’t be happier!!! If not for your coaching I probably would have missed out on the love of my life and or went back to my old ways of leaning forward. Its so great to have a really truly masculine man! Thank you for coaching me, Helena! ~ Marissa
Hi Helena, first I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are amazing and the things you teach are heaven sent! I have been applying all the things I’ve learned from your programs and it has completely transformed my romantic life!! My deep seated belief about the scarcity of men is gone. Right away I had 7 men who’s energy was coming towards me, very strong all the time. Sometimes I couldn’t keep up! I feel amazing and beautiful and strong! Being in my feminine energy around men is completely addictive and I feel so relaxed and at peace, it’s surreal at times. 🙂 I’m now in a relationship with one of these men and things are going beautifully! Words cannot express how much my life has changed, I could never thank you enough! ~ Arlene

Hi Helena, I am engaged! Just a few months after starting your programs and coaching! I am so excited! He took me to the place where we had our first date. He went on his knee and took a beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! I feel so excited and feel like my life has turned around 180 degrees the moment I started working with you! Thank you SO much! ~ Natalie

The tools Helena taught me were so different from everything I’d learned so far about love and relationships, and I took a leap of faith and started implementing them. Within three months after a break up my whole life turned around. This really works!! I went on my very first date after my break up and met the most amazing man. It was so great to be able to practice everything I had learned so and I was amazed by the results. This is a very masculine energy man – he took me out on dates, drove to my city all the time, paid for everything and kept in touch. The thing that stood out most to me was how comfortable I felt around him. This man was nothing like guys I had dated before and I was amazed at how easy it was to date him! When implementing Helena’s tools it all was so effortless to be with him. The rest of my life started coming together as well and I felt like a goddess all the time. This was all very new to me, I have never been so happy in my life. After years of being single and trying to get men to love me it all finally turned around. Now, about a year after I met my man, we’re still so happy together. I still can’t believe how quickly it all changed for me and that I have found true love within myself. We spend this past weekend looking at houses in my city together because he wants to move here with me. I can honestly say this is the best I’ve ever felt. If I can do it I truly believe anybody can! These tools really work, not just for your love life but for everything else in your life as well. I’m enjoying the journey and so excited to see what’s next! ~ Mary

My man just texted me and said that I am an amazing woman and that he wants to spend the rest of his life cherishing and adoring me. Last weekend he told me that he loves to treat me like a queen because I make him feel the way a man should feel. All my life I’ve been dating backwards: catering to a man and putting my interests and desires second. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I learned how to become the goddess that I am with your help! ~ Denise

Hi Helena, just wanted to say that everything you teach is EXTREMELY valuable! I have read a range of different books from other authors however yours really resonated with me. You explain issues and solutions very clearly and your explanations from a cognitive and psychological perspective really helped me to grasp and retain the message. This made it very easy to relate the advice to a number of situations in my own personal life. I look forward to more coaching from you and obtaining more of your material! ~ Sabrina

Today is the anniversary of my first date with my amazing man. This time last year, I was was learning a lot from Helena, and I was making an experiment of “doing everything right this time.” I feel so happy I did, and so happy I invested in myself and got myself the learning and support I needed! Out of all the guys I dated, this man stood out by how well he treated me, how safe I felt around him, and how naturally we could create the “right” masculine-feminine dynamics. Now, one year later, we are in a committed, fulfilling, joyful, HAPPY relationship. I feel even safer and happier with him, I feel deeply satisfied and grateful. I do my best to continue practicing what I learned – to lean back, to receive from him, to let him “pursue” me still and care for me and pamper me – and I make a point of showing ample appreciation for everything he does. It works VERY, very well! 🙂 It feels easy and organic and FUN! I never even imagined I could feel so loved and accepted. So ladies: love is possible. An amazing relationship is available, for each and every one of us. <3 And Helena: a million times, thank you! ~ Julia

Helena – I’m ENGAGED!! He proposed last week when we were on vacation. I didn’t think it would be possible to find love again especially from such a wonderful high-quality man! Your coaching has changed my whole life, I will always be grateful and can’t thank you enough for all your help and support! ~ Kathryn

Helena, I found your programs and tools so helpful! I started off feeling very stuck in a dead end relationship, now I feel that I’m taking steps in the right direction! I am finally finding that there ARE good guys out there. I was coming from a place where I was thinking about just giving up. Now I’m practicing the tools in all areas of my life, feeling more at peace, and letting my masculine energies stay busy with other goals, not in my relationships! Thank you! ~ Michelle

I finally realized I had not been in a mutually supportive marriage, no wonder I felt depleted and exhausted! It felt so good to have someone to share my thoughts and feelings with. Helena taught me some softer language, which I have used with positive results, but more importantly something shifted deeper within me. I feel stronger today and I feel more passionate about my own life and my purpose. I’m doing things that make me ME again, and my life feels more exciting! This shift has released a lot of my anxiety. I am feeling more at peace and open to new possibilities. Thank you, Helena! ~ Shawna

Helena Hart is so smart – you’ll feel it the moment you hear her voice on the phone or see her face on Skype. And so kind, and clever, and able to see right away what’s going on with you and how she can help.

Her masters degree in Psychology just adds to her credentials as a Master Coach Teacher. Her specialty (if she has one…she’s so good at everything) is in helping women effortlessly attract love into their lives.

She has a signature process that will turn you into a MAGNET for men – first by taking away all the things that are blocking love and great men from coming toward you, then by giving you tools that will magnetize men to you and make it so they can’t get enough of you!

She’s had amazing success in her own life and in turning around the love lives of her clients. So, whether you’re recently single or you’ve been single for years – or you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere – Helena can help you quickly and permanently get what you want.

~ Rori Raye, Have The Relationship You Want

Ever since I implementing Helena’s concepts and tools, I’ve been more conscious of the dance of masculine and feminine energy, and I’ve learned to willingly cultivate my own femininity and be in my “girl energy” around men.

I understood that this is what attracts masculine men, and what I didn’t know was that it can also AWAKEN and bring out the masculine energy in almost any man.

I met a new man, and this time, so far I’ve done everything RIGHT. I had made a profile on a local dating site, and couple of months ago a very nice young gentleman found me.

I made a point of leaning back, being in my feminine energy, and letting him initiate everything. I had to pay attention to how I was behaving, and still, it felt really good. And it worked! I trusted it would work, but I never imagined it would work THIS well.

This guy describes himself as the quiet, shy, non-assertive type – and yet, with me, he was incredibly masculine and assertive and really went for it (and he was surprised to discover this side of himself!).

He planned all the dates, he paid, he made the reservations, he picked the places, he carried my stuff, he dealt with the cab drivers, he sent me romantic texts in between dates, he initiated every single kiss, and more…

All because I let him, because I showed him respect, because I was able to receive what he provided, because I didn’t interrupt him, and because I consciously created the space for him to be masculine and take charge.

It went really well, and I felt very happy (and I made sure to tell him that and show appreciation). It felt incredible to have all this energy coming towards me, and to know that a “masculine man” doesn’t need to look like the macho Bruce Willis type. 🙂

What I recently discovered is that masculine energy isn’t something that I can recognize just by looking at a man. Masculine energy, instead, comes up in what he DOES, how he treats me, how he relates to me – and that’s not only a characteristic of the man in and of himself, but a characteristic of the interaction between me and him.

In other words, it’s less about “finding” a masculine man out there and being feminine around him – it’s about me being feminine to begin with, and allowing the masculine energy to awaken in the man in front of me.

Right now, after the experience with this wonderful guy, I’m inclined to think that any healthy-minded man can be masculine, if the woman stands firm in her femininity and just provides the space for him to be masculine and take charge and sweep her off her feet.

So far, it’s really worked for me! It feels thrilling, and so different than what I was used to up until now. This time I know I’m on the right track, so I’ll do my best to lean back and hold the space and smile and be appreciative and just enjoy all the time and effort he’s investing in me.

He’s planning a trip for the two of us now! I’m letting him plan everything, and he’s so happy to be able to provide this for me! Isn’t this delightfully amazing? Thank you, Helena, for teaching us all how to do it. 🙂 ~Julia

Hi Helena,

I just wanted to keep you updated, and brag a little, I’ll admit. How can having my dream relationship be this EASY?? Aren’t relationships supposed to be ‘hard work’? I’ve realized over the last four months that the ‘hard work’ relationship is the one we have with ourselves, not the one we have with a man.

The more I work on myself – really FEELING my feelings, really being HONEST with myself about what is happening in my mind and body – the more my relationship feels like play, like fun. The more I let go of expectations and stop trying to control the outcome, the more success I am having in getting EVERYTHING I want from my man.

My commitment-phobe, disappear for days or weeks at a time, master of handing out crumbs, rubber-band man is now asking me what he can do to keep ME happy. One of my biggest ‘aha’ moments was when I realized that my ‘old’ answer of, “You’re perfect babe. You don’t have to do ANYTHING differently,” was not only a lie, it wasn’t even a lie he WANTED TO HEAR!

I’ve realized that when a real man asks, “What would make you happy?” he’s asking because HE REALLY DOESN’T KNOW! In addition, he’s asking because HE REALLY WANTS TO KNOW! Maybe this would seem too simple to some, and I agree, it’s simple… but I’ve found that at least at first that is FAR from easy.

It is NOT easy to:

– Tell a man what I want without somehow making him feel INADEQUATE
– Stick to my boundaries in the face of AMAZING chemistry
– ALLOW him to do a hundred little things for me that I am perfectly capable of doing myself
– Remember to ALWAYS be appreciative on the outside as well as the inside for those little things
– Let go of the outcome – STOP controlling
– Feel the MOMENTARY hurt caused by his cluelessness and know it is ONLY momentary
– Not BLAME him for my own emotional triggers

Like I said, these are just a few and they have not been easy, but since I’ve been LIVING these programs EVERYTHING in my relationship has turned around. When I started, this man was the biggest love of my life, and he was my EX. We were barely on speaking terms.

Four and a half months later he has:

– Dropped the ‘other woman’ he’d started dating when we broke up
– Agreed to all of MY requirements for exclusivity
– Started talking about our future together
– Rarely goes more than a day without getting in touch with me (he used to disappear for 4, 5, 6 or more days at a time)

A few nights ago he said to me, “Thank you for letting me take care of you. Thank you for making me feel like a man when we’re together. It feels great.”

I feel like a new woman… no, I AM a new woman. I feel like a goddess 99.9% of the time now, and that feels amazing. I finally REALLY believe that if I am always expressing myself from a place of self-truth that I CANNOT say the wrong thing to the right man.

This was a hard concept for me, especially since he’s broken up with me several times in the past. The thing that saved me was his comment when we split, “I just don’t think you’re the whole package.” After starting the program I realized, HE WAS RIGHT. I WASN’T the whole package, then. I was being ‘superficially’ honest with him but NEVER really allowing myself to truly FEEL in his presence.

Actually, I was NEVER truly allowing myself to FEEL… ever. I was ‘stuffing’ my feelings almost all of the time. I allow myself to FEEL all of the time now. Isn’t it interesting how my ‘GOOD’ feelings are BIGGER now and my ‘BAD’ feelings are smaller and less overwhelming? I no longer have to ‘manage’ the ‘bad’ feelings, I simply feel them and let them go. I no longer have to ‘hang on’ to the good feelings… they pretty much just stick around on their own.

So thank you Helena, for helping me to be so successful in my love life. I appreciate you more than I can express here. ~ Amber

When I first came to Helena I was in a relationship that was making me very unhappy. The tools and things she taught me were so different from everything I’d learned so far about love and relationships. I took a leap of faith and started implementing them.

I learned to love myself and became aware of the dynamics of my relationship. The relationship ended shortly after – this was NOT a masculine energy man who could give me what I wanted and I was done taking crumbs from him.

Helena continued to coach me and taught me all the things she’s explains in her programs. Within three months after the break up my whole life had turned around! I’ll be forever grateful to her for that and I feel so happy I took that leap of faith. These tools really work!

Three months after the break up I went on my very first date (we met online) and met the most amazing man. It was so great to be able to practice everything I had learned so far and I was amazed by the results.

This is a very masculine energy man. He took me out on dates, drove to my city all the time, paid for everything and kept in touch. He did impressive things like taking me to a sold out concert on our 5th date which was so much fun. 🙂

The thing that stood out most to me was how comfortable I felt around him because he was doing everything right. He held my hand at the movies, kissed me in the middle of the street, won me a toy at a fair – the list goes on and on.

This man was nothing like guys I had dated before and I was amazed at how easy it was to date him! When implementing Helena’s tools it all was so effortless to be with him and I felt like a goddess when I was with him.

Because I wasn’t putting much mental energy into this relationship (I was just having fun!), I had a lot of time and energy to do other things. The rest of my life started coming together as well and I felt like a goddess all the time.

This was all very new to me, I had never been so happy in my life. After years of being single and trying to “get” men to love me it all finally turned around!

Now, about a year after I met my man, we’re still so happy together. As I’m sitting here writing my story he just sent me a sweet text and I feel butterflies flying through my whole body because of it.

I still can’t believe how quickly it all changed for me and that I have found true love within myself. We spend this past weekend looking at houses in my city together because he wants to move here with me.

I know what I feel with him is REAL, lasting chemistry because it’s still growing everyday. It grows for the both of us and I can honestly say this is the best I’ve ever felt.

If I can turn my love life around I truly believe anybody can. These tools really work, not just for your love life but for everything else in your life as well. I’m enjoying the journey and I’m so excited to see what’s next! ~ Mary

My story starts two years ago where I was just doing what every normal women does when she’s in love with a man – I would make his lunch, call him, care for him, fuss over him and chase him all the time.

He sometimes gave me the affection I wanted in return, however something just never felt like it was ever going to move forward. He would tell me how he wanted to make plans with me in the future but never actually put this into action.

I moved to be closer to him. I did everything I could to be closer to this man. I continued to pursue him and I would wait and wait and chase him again. I spent two years trying to make this man see how much I loved him, how much I desperately wanted to live with him and marry him.

I spoke to Helena Hart shortly after that. I started to put some of this into action. This man still did not budge because I realized I was still trying too hard.

Then one day everything changed. I found out I was pregnant. This man changed completely but not for the better. He was not willing and ready to have a baby with me. He wanted me to have an abortion. I stood up to him and said no.

Despite all of this I still chased him. I was desperate to make him see that I was the one for him, especially because I was carrying his child. Unfortunately he was still holding back.

I lost all my self confidence and lost myself too. I decided to take action. I started to look at all of Helena’s advice and online correspondence. I decided that I was going to build up my self esteem again, and I finally stopped chasing this man.

In the meantime I decided to go on a dating website. I have no idea what I was thinking but just decided to go on there and see what happened. I started to chat with a few people.

In January of 2016 I met up with a lovely man from the dating site. I told him I was 2 months pregnant and that I had no intention of dating. He was happy to stay friends. We met for coffees and chats. He spent a lot of time trying to help me and he was always there for me throughout my pregnancy.

I continued to work on my self esteem. I did a little work on myself every week, whether it be wearing something pretty, spending time with my friends and family or meeting new people.

I started to carry myself with confidence, and to be the feminine person that I am. I was concentrating so much on myself and my unborn baby that I started to forget about the man who had hurt me so much!

My daughter was born in July of 2016. I started dating the man I’d met online two months after she was born, and it’s been the most natural, flowing relationship I have ever had!

We’ve now being dating for 7 months and he still continues to do so much for me! Within these 7 months he has been commuting to see us (I had moved to be near my family as I thought I was going to be a single mom). He has changed jobs and we are now living together.

My intention was to try and get my ex to commit to me, but now it’s clear I was not meant to be with him.

When I met my new man HE was was the one doing the chasing! I let him care for me and look after me – and even though I felt scared at the beginning because I didn’t want to get hurt, I decided to give him a chance and I fell in love with him.

I still have to remind myself sometimes to step back and let him take the lead, and he continuously worships the ground I walk on.

Everything is moving forward naturally and effortlessly. I am SO happy! There is no chasing, no mind games. For the first time in my life I can just be me. ~ Chantelle