Help Wanted - Dating/Relationship Coach Needed For Forum Coaching

Hi, I’m Matthew Coast, the head dating coach and founder at CommitmentConnection.com. My website teaches and coaches women into believing in their own value and attracting relationships where they’re loved and cherished by the men they’re with.

Our website is a fairly high traffic site that gets close to 1.5 million visitors a month and we have an email list of over 200,000 women.

I’m looking for a certified, dating and relationship coach to answer women’s questions in our paid membership forums starting immediately. You’ll begin working between at 8 to 10 hours a week, with the potential to work more and do other types of coaching, if interested.

Here are some of the topics you will need to help our women with…

Turning around struggling marriages
Attracting a great guy
Believing in their value and worth
Getting an ex back
Healing after a breakup
Focusing on what they want
Feminine vs masculine energy dynamics
Going from casual, situationship to a committed relationship
Long distance relationship issues
Sex and intimacy issues
Other general issues

Starting pay will be around $240 to $300 per week... which is $30 per hour with the potential to earn more in different positions.

Also, you’ll be learning more about my personal philosophy and methodology as well as Helena Hart's (she works with me) so that you can use that knowledge to better serve our clients.

The materials on our site focus on partnership, couples coming together on the same team, and creating healthy, lasting, committed relationships.

We're looking for someone who is responsible, thorough, and responsive.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, click the link below, fill out the form, and we'll get ahold of you from there. And I look forward to speaking with you soon!