Make Him Want You

How to Seduce Your Man

How to Seduce Your Man

Men may chase women…but it’s usually women who make the first move. That may seem confusing at first glance because, in our culture, it’s usually the man who first approaches the woman, right? True…and men usually believe they’re the ones who make the first move. And why not let them think that way? When a

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What Turns Guys On?

What Turns Guys On?

Many years ago psychologist Sigmund Freud speculated that men want two types of women: the “Madonna” or saintly wife and then the “Whore” or prostitute. The theory was that men will not be happy if they just have a good wife, nor if they have just an intense sexual relationship. They want both. Was this

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How to Kiss Better

How to Kiss Better

Whoever thought up kissing, anyway? Objectively speaking, it seems like a weird thing to do. I put my lips to yours, yours to mine, we close our eyes and then the magic happens. That special quality called chemistry. That great and fantastic kiss that is the climax of every romantic movie and novel. Well, it’s

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How to Play Hard to Get.

How to Play Hard to Get

As a man familiar with both male and female dating strategies, I can honestly say the expression “I don’t need this!” is one of the most clever defenses against rejection I’ve ever seen. And it’s remarkably simple too. The guy wants to chase the girl, right? He tries his best to entertain her. She gives

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Words that melt a man's heart? (Like ice cream!). When He Backs Away. Female Led Relationship. Signs He Loves You but is Scared.

How To Make Him Miss You

Don’t you hate it when your partner is slow on the “I love you too” comeback? Or when they roll their eyes at you after you share something important, or when they seem much more interested in another woman rather than you? Sure, it burns. When a man doesn’t appreciate you and doesn’t give you

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