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Make Him Worship You

There seems to be a lot of information on the net about how to make a guy like you. And sure, it’s nice to have guys notice you, flirt with you, and be your friend. It’s also nice to have a friend with benefits, or a boyfriend, or a husband and so on. But let’s…

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How to Get a Guy to Chase You After You Chased Him

Here’s one of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked. What if you do everything wrong the first time around, not having any experience with dating, and then realize your mistake…and try again? Can it be done? Is it possible to try again with a guy that you’ve chased, or that you’ve basically scared away…

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How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

Leo is the “king” of all the zodiac signs, not by creation, but by his lion-sized ambition and…well, just a hint of an ego. Leo is a natural born leader and “hunter” when it comes to finding women. Leo has no problem attracting beautiful partners or impressing someone new with his talents and affections. The…

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