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UNCENSORED: How does a guy know when he's in love

30 Funny Good Morning Texts for Him

Whether you’ve just met a guy you like, or are already in a serious relationship, sometimes the “morning after” texts are the most awkward. What if you slept together? Or, what if you just went out on one date and you’re not quite sure how you feel about each other? What if you haven’t gone…

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55 Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Everyone knows by now that bonding with your boyfriend is the most exciting part of a new relationship. Asking him questions about who he is, where he’s been, and what he plans on doing for the rest of his life, makes for a fascinating conversation. And yes the easiest questions tend to be the most…

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Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex? Here’s How to Know…

10 Good Night Messages for Friends

Sometimes figuring out what to say before the phrase, “Good Night”, is the hard part. Good night is easy…and it’s actually a great expression, since it conveys wonderful feelings of care, protection, well wishes and genuine human concern. Unfortunately everyone uses this old expression and it’s lost a lot of its emotional impact. People on…

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How to Get the Guy You Want In 4 Steps

9 Love Paragraphs for Him

If you feel awkward about writing love letters and romantic paragraphs to your partner, you are not alone. You could even say a lot of men tend to be more expressive about romance and love than do women. Men “chase” after all. Women feel more, but sometimes they keep it inside because they don’t want…

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3 Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend To Make Him Come Running Back

60 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

Isn’t it amazing when you finally meet a guy that you’re attracted to and that gets sexual chemistry? He understands attraction, flirting and teasing. But more to the point, he just wants YOU. He feels attracted to you and he always gives you that impression that he’s willing to do anything for your amusement. It’s…

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How to Convince a Man You're The One for Him

20 Goodnight Text to Boyfriend

Isn’t it difficult to say goodnight after you’ve developed an intense emotional connection with your partner? Of course! What you desire the most is to cuddle up next to him, fall asleep in each other’s arms, and wake up giving him a good morning kiss! However, in the early stages of the relationship, you can’t…

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The Shocking Truth About Men And Commitment

5 I Love You Paragraphs

It’s very difficult to express love sometimes, isn’t it? It’s difficult to feel, at least in the beginning when you’re dealing with issues of trust or recovering from trauma. But love actually comes easy when you finally meet someone that matches you and that earns your trust over time. Once you do meet a man…

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50 Questions to Ask a Guy – Dirty

One of the most difficult challenges in starting new relationships is getting past the “platonic” stage. That means turning what is a nice and appropriate friendship (but where you still think the other one is gorgeous!) into a sensual, intimate and erotic relationship that goes far beyond just an ordinary friendship. It’s not as easy…

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8 Tiny Words That Fix Infidelity Forever

10 Long Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Sometimes days are long and unforgiving. Especially Mondays. Tuesdays too for that matter. And guess what your boyfriend is thinking during those long hours of work and school? He misses you! Isn’t that romantic? Sure it is. He’s out there working hard and thinking of you – you’re the source of his happiness! That’s why…

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How to Convince a Man You're The One for Him

Text My Husband THIS Tonight!

What should you text your husband? You might have read before (either on my blog or from another article somewhere) that texting your partner for errands, daily messages and work-related links is a terrible idea. Why? Because over time, he will associate texts with negative or passive feelings. When your husband receives a text message…

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