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The 1st Step to Getting Him to Come Back to You

Intense Chemistry Between Two People

Have you ever met someone, someone who is seemingly opposite of you at first, and then just connected in an amazing, almost-mind blowing way? At first, the conversation is respectable. But as things progress, you notice he loves your sense of humor, your voice, the way you put words together, how mysterious you are… And…

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Words that melt a man's heart? (Like ice cream!)

6 Signs He Wants a Relationship But Is Scared

Men are easy to read…that is, if they’re shameless horndogs! Yeah, a guy’s signals are easy to read, if he’s trying to talk you into bed and he’s buying drinks and dancing. (Or using any expression like “giggity”) But what about a more sophisticated man? What about a shy guy? What about a guy who…

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How To Let Him Know He Should Kiss You

6 Signs He Wants Something Serious

It’s easy to determine when a man is interested in you, isn’t it? Men definitely like to show, tell, impress, and astound the women they like. Sometimes it’s very cute and subtle behavior but sometimes it’s very dramatic and confident! What are some examples of a man liking you anyway? It’s a fair question because…

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How to Make Any Man Beg For Your Commitment

6 Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

Taurus, which is the astrological sign of the bull, encompasses the dates from April 20th to May 20th. Taurus is called the wandering bull, and according to myth, possibly the god Zeus who assumed the form of a bull to abduct Europa. The bull wanders the earth looking to find freedom and also to escape…

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The Secret to Understanding What Triggers Attraction in Men

How to Know If a Taurus Man Likes You

If you were born between the dates of April 20th to May 20th, then you are a Taurus and your ruler Venus has suggested you have the “bull” of astrological personalities. While you may or may not believe that the stars control your life, you might find some value in understanding the Taurus type of…

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7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Attracting a Man

6 Signs Taurus Man in Love with You

Taurus is the sign of the bull and you might be right if you think dating a “bullish” guy presents some challenges. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and if your crush was born between the dates of April 20 and May 20, you may notice that your man has very specific characteristics. Rather than…

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4 Reasons Men Love Dirty Talk And How to Get Started

How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You

Scorpio is the astrological sign symbolized by the scorpion. If your crush was born between the dates of October 23 and November 21, there’s a good chance he may exhibit classic signs of the Scorpio. Coincidence? Or it is possible that Mars and Pluto are actually affecting your relationships? Who knows…but one thing’s for sure.…

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What he REALLY thinks about you in bed

What Do Guys Think After You Sleep with Them

Can we just take the time to say this Public Service Announcement? Sex is awesome! Yeah, sometimes all the complication emotions can be a headache to deal with and sometimes relationships go wrong. But for the most part sex is a wonderful way to pass the time. Great way to bond. Great thing to do…

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How to Attract Men

8 Signs a Man is Attracted to You Sexually

It’s easy to know when a man is hitting on you, right? He’s super friendly, compliments your appearance, and maybe even asks you out right away. But here’s the problem – a lot of guys don’t take that approach. Especially if they’re your friends, your co-workers, casual acquaintances, friends of friends, businesspeople, that sort of…

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How to Bring Back the Spark in Your Relationship

Make Him Worship You

There seems to be a lot of information on the net about how to make a guy like you. And sure, it’s nice to have guys notice you, flirt with you, and be your friend. It’s also nice to have a friend with benefits, or a boyfriend, or a husband and so on. But let’s…

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