Attracting The Right Man


Here’s a little secret.  Once you learn the art of femininity, the power of “female seduction” as we call it, you will be able to get any man you want!

Now let’s not get carried away.  I’m not saying that you can steal away George Clooney from Amal or that you can magically transform the mind of any man walking the face of the earth.  That’s all hogwash.  No one can force anybody to fall in love.

But you WILL have the power to attract a wide variety of men from all walks of life.  You will be seen as someone truly rare—an empowered woman, an innovative thinker, and an international beauty.  Royalty they sometimes call it, that is, a woman capable of charming anyone—kings, politicians, billionaire playboys and the like.

So the issue now is, once you learn how to be empowered and feminine to win the hearts of men, what kind of man are you going to attract?

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving in today’s world.  A successful man, a rich man or a famous man, certainly has no obligation to be kind.  There’s no guarantee that even the world’s greatest superhero is going to be a good husband, an attentive father, and a man who loves you beyond just what you can do for him.

So how do you avoid heartbreak and attract the right kind of man from the very beginning?  If there was a way of filtering out the wrong type of guy in advance, maybe you could expedite your love life and take a short cut to happily ever after.

This time without the pain, without the wasted time and effort on a man that doesn’t deserve you!  If only there were a way to attract better quality men and avoid the cheats, sneaks and pigs who give men a bad name.

There are actually some strategies for filtering out Mr. Wrong and attracting a higher caliber of man.

Surprisingly though, many women discover that what initially attracts them to a man may be a grave mistake.  Maybe you’ve experienced this phenomenon in your own dating life.  You seem to meet the right guy…he seems to be what you want.  And then he changes and the whole pattern repeats himself.  You set out to meet a great guy and then you’re left disappointed.  Maybe you even feel used and betrayed.

Why does this happen?

Could it be cause because jerks you want to avoid already know they are being filtered out and so they’re putting out FALSE SIGNALS in order to get passed your filtering system?

Most definitely.  Most guys aren’t going to showcase their negative traits, especially in early dating.  They’re going to try really hard to show you what you want to see, to influence your perception of them and leave a good (false) impression with you.

This is why it’s time for YOU to alter your dating strategy so that you begin to attract men who are pro-feminist, who are men of high morals, and ones who view dating as a commitment and not a sport.

When you start changing your strategy you also send out “repellant” to the wrong type of man, letting him know he’s wasting his time.

Here are a few ways to send out the right signals and completely change your dating patterns.

  1. Stop trying so hard to please him. Become more assertive and let him please you.

One mistake women make is to either approach dating aggressively or timidly.  Neither works because you either scare a good man away with too much attitude or you become a pushover to a man who doesn’t appreciate who you are.  The answer is to be hard middle—someone who is assertive but not controlling, kind and mature but not acquiescing to everything the man says or does.  You should communicate:

  • What you want in a relationship
  • What you expect from him
  • What your boundaries are
  • And lastly, show him what makes you happy by being expressive!

True, a lot of men are turned off by assertive women…juvenile men that want to avoid commitment and date for sport!

  1. Take some time to love yourself.

The worst thing an empowered woman can do is to find a man who “completes her.”  Why in the world should a woman be attracted to a man who has all the power—whose affection will give her a reason to be happy?

It’s not just anti-feminist, it’s a losing battle.

You cannot date a man and rest your hope on him.  He will not love someone who is weak.  He will not truly respect someone that needs him that badly.  Instead, take some time to love yourself.

By staying busy in life and reaching out for what you want, you will be filled with confidence.  You will change the way you interact with men.  You will attract a higher caliber man, someone who shares your values and who appreciates your ambition in life.  Truly successful men don’t want trophy wives…they want someone who is equally powerful, equally successful—someone who wants to change the world like they do!

Best of all, you will send a “get lost” signal to men who just want to prey upon your weakness.  In short, be happy with who you are.  Have the self-respect you say NO to a cruddy deal.

  1. Don’t compete with a man you admire…complement him.

Another common mistake in dating: sometimes a woman who fears being undervalued will put on a cold front.  She’ll put on a shield and make the man feel as if he has to break through the barrier and walk through fire just to get her attention.

Wrong approach.  First of all, being too aggressive and unapproachable only guarantees you will attract men who like aggressive and cold women.  Big mistake because the same guy who likes a defensive woman usually loves to play mind games.  He wants to “win”, sleep with her, and consider it a good score.

On the contrary, most of the nice men out there (both introverts and extroverts) respect a woman who is both assertive and receptive.  The ideal feminine woman doesn’t have anything to prove.  She doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder.  She enjoys being kind, being friendly and enjoying a good laugh.  She meets men of all sorts, eager to make friends and learn new things from these conversations.

Furthermore, she doesn’t feel the need to “compete” with a guy and prove that she’s smarter, tougher or “better than him”.  She’s only ever curt when a man disrespects her.  And even then, she doesn’t waste her time arguing with him.  She’s in full control.  She doesn’t have time to waste on Mr. Wrong.  She’s all dressed up and eager to meet Mr. Right—a quality man who deserves her undivided attention.

She is the epitome of a feminist, an egalitarian, and well…just a classy woman all around, the kind of woman real men LOVE.

If you’ve been attracting the wrong type of men lately, start a positive change by expecting more from a man, and expecting more from yourself.  Love yourself.  Find the positives in your life.  Once you love yourself and forgive all the mistakes of the past, you project success.  And that will attract Mr. Right to you in no time.